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What's your favourite piece of art?  Would you like to be beautifully emanated in a traditional portrait, or have your face entirely deconstructed as a Picasso-esque cubist piece?  Whether you're after a pop-art picture for a self-conscious teenager or just something a little different, contact Nicola to discuss your ideas.  You will discover the many thought processes that make up an artwork, which you can directly influence.

​Please read the testimonials and browse the Gallery to see the range of work. 

Nicola delights in drawing and painting a

range of other subjects, namely animals/pets, 

landscapes/nature, still-life, abstract artworks ~ and additionally spiritual art, energetic painting including auras and decorative illustrations such as merkabas and sacred geometry.

MAGICAL is an anagram of NICOLA GAMBIN




Recent Works

Magical Portraits by Nicola Gambin © 2015  |  All Rights Reserved

Commission a portrait

A chance to be permanently beautified, immortalised: captured on canvas.  Portraiture's long-held association with celebrity, regality or privilege no longer applies, it is open for anyone to indulge!

In this world of technological overload, engulfing every aspect of our lives, comes a welcome renaissance in the handiwork, craftsmanship and authenticity of old.