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Magical Portraits by Nicola Gambin © 2015  |  All Rights Reserved


Speaking as an artist, there is real magic to be found in painting portraits.  Not merely in capturing the likeness of a person - it is the wondrously fluid, spontaneous action of forging your own version of an individual's uniqueness; the beauty lies in finding their indefinable energy and applying it on canvas.

My initial process of drawing people began with sneaky sketches of friends during school lessons and from there I began practising until I was able to create a good likeness.  Finding a hidden talent, I worked well on perfecting my skills in portraiture.  From there, I started getting requests for portraits from friends and family.  In my final sixth form A Level year at school, I was awarded an A grade and the grand prize for Art; (the principals were wonderfully encouraging and, to my surprise, years later I would be honoured with a commission to paint the school's departing Warden, Sarah Kerr-Dineen).  

For a short while after studying at university, I was one of the resident artists at London's Bayswater Road Exhibition and had great fun spending many a chilly afternoon talking to the fascinating people and fellow artists steeped along the vast Hyde Park railings.  I gained my qualifications at Middlesex University, completing a BTEC Foundation Course and subsequent BA Honours degree in Visual Communication Design: Illustration.  My university courses touched upon aspects of Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology, of which I have kept an active interest, yet whilst absorbing valuable knowledge in editorial illustration, typography and graphics, I knew all I wanted to do was create beautiful paintings. 

I have continued perfecting my own take on the traditional craft of portraiture and find within each painting a magically uplifting, enjoyable learning process on which to build new strengths.