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' We are just now opening the picture you lovingly made for Samantha... Wow!  It is amazing - Samantha loves it!
Thank you so much for your time, effort and amazing talent.  

A thank you from Samantha will follow.
Thanks again xxxxx '

Lauren Breslauer

March 2013



​' A truly talented artist, who among her work, has painted an incredibly life-like, detailed painting of my father.  

He, as well as the whole family, were so completely amazed by his portrait.  To quote him in his own words:

"Without much assistance from me, apart from posing for a few photographs, Nicola got to work - and before very long, uncovered the portrait.  

I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the likeness and, indeed, impressed by the colourful and delicate brushwork.  It really is me!" '

Gerald Coldham (& daugher Katie)

November 2014​​​​



Magical Portraits by Nicola Gambin © 2015  |  All Rights Reserved

' Dear Nicola,  the portrait has gone down a storm at Forest and I absolutely love it.  You are so clever!  You captured all the things we talked about and I am so grateful

and so impressed.  It matters a great deal to me that the artist is an Old Forester.  I hope you’ll be able to come in and see the portrait once it’s hung in the Dining Hall.
Thank you again – I hope you gain more commissions out of this – the Chair of Governors was really taken with your work. 

You are very talented and are clearly pursuing the right path for your career! '

Sarah Kerr-Dineen, Warden, Forest School

July 2015